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The Storyteller - Parte 1

Este é o primeiro álbum que conta a história criada pela banda "The Storyteller".

Aqui você poderá ler o significado e a história por trás de cada faixa do álbum. Os textos foram retirados do encarte do próprio álbum. As letras serão inclusas em breve, mas a princípio já é possível ter uma ideia de como a história se desenrola.

And the Legend Begins

Welcome! Please sit down and make yourself confortable. Tonight I shall take you to a place of great adventures. A place so far away from us. A place where the stories are alive. Well, are you ready to step into the time of the stories? Then come with me..

Guardians of Kail

The kingdom of Kail. A kingdom which lived in peace. Never would they've thought that evil would come to haunt them one day. But in search for the Book of Mystery evil is now standing at the gates of Kail. Who can save the Kingdom of Kail? Is it destined to fall by the hands of the evil one? Only time can tell.

Always Be There

Not knowing if he would survive this quest, he said goodbye to his loved ones and began his dangerous journey. The pain inside of him was great, but he knew he had to do this to save mankind. So with that in mind, he left his home and began his journey into the unknown.

Sense of Steel

One night in a dream a young man of the Kingdom of Kail visited by the God of Light. Explaining that it was his destiny to save Kail from darkness and to restore the Book. The God chose him to fulfill his destiny. So take your sword, saddle your horse and fight the evil one.

Power Within

In the beginning of his journey he was all alone. But along the way he met a few brave men who decided to join him in his quest to stop the evil one. One of those men was a sorcerer that was sent by the sorcerers of light, the rightful owners of the book. He offered his service and knowledge and by God they needed that help! With a mighty sorcerer by their side the odds seemed a little bit better. He explained that the mightiest magician existing had been sent to oblivion by the dark side and even though his powers were not quite that strong he promised to do what he could to help them... and what more they could ask for?

Book of Mystery

The Book of Mystery. The most powerful item in this world. In the right hands, it can perform miracles. But in the wrong hands it can be the end of our world. Now, that it's vanished we're running out of time. If it falls into the hands of the evil one, this world is doomed forever more. Find it. Guard it with your life, for in your hands lies the destiny of Kail!

Like a Wind

Exhausted after the dangerous obstacles they met during the day, they decided to set camp so that they could get some rest. But the presence of evil floated like fog in the forest, and they were aware of that they where being watched from the shadows. Even so our friends fell that this was a good place to rest, so the sorcerer blessed the camp with a protection spell. And when the bard began to sing, peace sank down over the exhausted heroes.

A Test of Endurance and Strength

Early next morning they started their journey further into the unknown. They know this journey would be of the most dangerous tests they ever had to face. The fear of not knowing what is yet to come, which path to take... where would they be safe? They could only pray that the Gods still were at their side. Well, were they?

Chant of the Thieves

Though they were a little doubtful at first about how these people would make their living, they couldn't help feeling a bit envious. These people lived a quietful and almost peaceful life. Everyone helped each other as a great family. And they had to admit that when the sun went down and they all gathered around the fire and sang, they fell as one with this big family. And for just a few seconds they felt like all their problems were gone.

The Storyteller

Since the beginning of time when giants traveled the earth and dragons were flying through the eternal sky, stories has been created. Stories about many heroes and sorcerers with great magic. These stories have been passed down from generation to genereation for hundreds of years. In our days many people choose not to believe those stories, but those who has a pure heart and an open mind shall see what lies beyond our reality and step into the time of the legends. So gather around the fire, close your eyes and listen to the storyteller!

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