terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015

Athena - Twilight of Days

"During an imaginary Middle Ages, a king wisely reigns a flourishing land that from time immemorial has forgotten all about war. One day, unexpectedly, the echoes of a army are heard in the wide valley. Therefore the king decides to summon an extraordinary meeting of the Council of War, open to all citizens, in which he recalls the ancient deeds of the brave soldiers who so many times in the remote past kept the integrity and peace of the land.

The Resolution to go back to war after so many peaceful years, even if hard, seems now unavoidable. The army prepares for war and leaves to protect the borders of the kingdom but, given the long time of war inactivity, the soldiers are easily defeated by the extraordinary fierceness of the enemy. The battle's outcome is disastrous: the overrunning is relentless and the people are decimated. Also the king dies during the attack.

After his death, the king finds himself in front of a big portal of metal and flames: the door to hell! As he doesn't remember anything of his past except the moment of his death, the king accepts to make a pact with the Devil, for he only wishes to take revenge for his death. The pact provides that he's allowed to come back to life being immortal and blessed with exceptional power, so that he can find his killer and face him in a battle. As soon as he finds his enemy, he will lose all his extraordinary power and he will become mortal again. If he is defeated, his soul will burn forever in hell; if he wins, he will have to start the conquest of the world by leading the Army of the Darkness. 

He starts his his restless hunt with no mercy for anyone. While he's looking for his man he remembers images of his past life, mixed with unknown images of an angry and evil life. After searching for so many years he starts to understand his true nature: a split personality. Finally he finds the signs of an army's overrunning in a desert and ruinous land; his kingdom! 

Furious, he swears on his honor he will fight till the end to take revenge for his people. He finds the enemy's camps. The ultimate battle begins! After defeating the army he finally finds his man: he's the king himself, his second cruel personality. The king becomes mortal again and, as he understands the devil's trick, decides to kill himself so that he can kill both sides of his nature and stop the devil's plans. His death will be remembered forever and his tomb will be worshipped until the end of days."

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